Five go to Aviation School

The first week of the April school holidays sees Hokowhitu Scout Den converted into the Scouts NZ National Aviation School. This year 42 youth from across New Zealand spent a week (yes – seven full days) learning about all things ar

ound aviation. Two of our leaders (Mike & Richard) attended to gain their Aeronautical Charge Certificates, and Kitty returned for kicks and to help with the youth.

(Emma turned up for a paltry two nights after all the hard work was done and just in time for the fancy dinner.)picture of nine air scouts.

All eight (nine) worked their socks off and will attest that the school (NOT a camp!) is hard, hard work, but worth every second. It culminates in a day of flying and youth have the chance to experience taking the controls of various aircraft. Throw in a visit to RNZAF Base Ohakea and Massey School of Aviation and you can gain a taste of why it’s such an amazing opportunity.

All five of our Air Scouts achieved all eight aviation personal challenge badges and received the restricted ‘Air Achievement’ award strip. Look out for it on the top of their right sleeve.

If your Scout will be 12 + next April, perhaps they would like to give it a go! Don’t forget that Scouts NZ runs a variety of National Schools. Details are here.