Come Fly With Us!

It’s official! You heard it here first! Our Air Scouts will take to the skies in March with Gliding Manawatu.  Naturally it’s not all about the flying, to take part they MUST attend the lesson on theory of flight on 15th March at the ATC Unit in Paraparaumu.

An email will be sent out shortly with further information.


Fee Increase

New Zealand currency

We have received final confirmation today regarding the fee increases from National Office. Our committee met on Wednesday night and have agreed the following:-

Fees for Keas, Cubs, Land and Air Scouts – $80 per term

Venturers – $55.00 per term

Leaders members – $15 per term

Committee members – $50 per term

There are further increases planned for the next two years.

There is an option to pay a weekly amount throughout the whole year to reduce the impact of the increase, however this is by arrangement only and obviously the later this is set up the greater the amount required to meet the full amount. Anyone wishing to take this option must contact us in person to arrange this. 

If you are unable to pay fees, please let us know as soon as you can.

We understand that this is a significant increase and would like to assure you that we are doing what we can to cover our costs with fundraising and applications for grants. If you can help us in any way we would appreciate you getting in touch!

Don’t forget to let us know if your Scout is attending our Group Camp and National Mudslide on 17th – 18th February at Tatum Park. This will cost $30.00 per Cub / Scout and we need numbers as soon as we can to help with planning. If you’ve not had your invitation please let your leaders know. 

Mark Those Dates!

Your leaders have all been working hard and planning term one. Here at Air Scouts we have a Group Camp planned on the weekend of the 17th Feb, a day of gliding in Manawatu on Saturday 17th March and heaps of fun stuff every Thursday night. Cubs, Land Scouts, Venturers and Keas will also be in touch (if they haven’t already) with their plans too.

Air Scouts are back on 8th February at 1830 in the Scout Hall. We look forward to seeing you then!


Camp lanterns

The Results Are In!

dory fundraiser meme

Thank you to everyone that came to the Waikanae Scout Group fundraiser on Friday night at the Olive Grove Cafe. We had a marvellous time, and were slightly embarrassed (but quite chuffed after always being second) that our very own Kitty (that’s me) and the #TeamPineapple crew came first! It was great to see so many people at the quiz and awesome to hand out so many great raffle prizes. Huge thanks to the Keas (great raffle donations and sales everyone!), Cubs, Land Scouts (what a hamper!), Venturers (beautiful basket of goodies) Air Scouts (that’d be me again) and all our parents and friends that supported us on the night.

The Lowdown:

$294.00 – Raffle
$470.00 – Quiz
$764.00 – Total monies raised….less…
$215.00 – Costs from Olive Grove
$549.00 – Total profit

Kitty is in the process of contacting those that won prizes but were not there in person. They are Greg Overton, Rian Headley, Sandra Glennie, Penny Lancaster and David MacKay.

It would be great to do something every term to raise group monies. If anyone would like to form a group to help with fundraising, please contact Kitty at / 0223074553.


It’s nearly Friday! (Honest.)

Don’t forget it’s our quiz on Friday!  From 6.30pm at the Olive Grove Cafe, Mahara Place Waikanae.

We still have spaces for teams, please confirm your team and numbers to Kitty Fitton (02230 74553 / $10.00 per person, teams should be a minimum of four and a maximum of six, we can slot you into a team if you are struggling with numbers.

You should all have sold and returned your raffle tickets to your leaders, please return ALL tickets, even those unsold, thank you. If they’ve been sold but not returned we can’t include them in the draw.

We have some great prizes, including a $100.00 Adrenaline Kapiti Voucher and family passes for other great attractions.

This is a GROUP FUNDRAISER to help pay for all those really exciting things like maintenance, electricity bills and of course, badges, training and resources for your Kea / Cub / Scout / Venturer.

Don’t forget it’s our AGM tomorrow night too, 6.30pm at the hall. We look forward to seeing you!

Thanks, Kitty.



Roll up, roll up!

Well things are shaping up nicely for our fabulous quiz night on 1st December at the Olive Grove in Waikanae. Your sections will be handing out raffle tickets to sell to your friends and family. They are $2.00 per ticket and MUST be returned to your section leaders before the quiz. If tickets are sold but not returned to us, we will not be able to include those numbers in the draw.

There will be some AMAZING prizes to win, from these fabulous businesses across Wellington and Kapiti:

Air Scouts Climb High

It’s not all about flying! This week the Air Scouts visited Whitirea Polytechnic where the Outdoor Adventure students led a fun night of climbing and knot-work. It was great for the Scouts to see first-hand how the knots they learn aren’t just ‘to be Scouts’ but have real, practical uses in modern life.

Huge thanks to the Adventure Students, their tutor Denise, and our leaders Emma and Joe for organising a great night!

JOTI 2017

It’s been a crazy week at Waikanae Scouts! First our Air Scouts took flight and  held a successful launch on Thursday, along with water-balloons, lots of VIP visitors and a gooey chocolate cake! 

Not content with one busy night, Kitty and Shere Khan hosted JOTI 2017 at their home.  See below for our report.

We had a great time today talking to Scouts and Guides around the world on Jamboree over the Internet (JOTI). Keas chatted to Scouts camping in Australia, we all learned the Phonetic alphabet and played with morse code, and the Scouts loved the chat rooms on Scout Link and caught up with some Guides in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia.  (see pic above.)

JOTI runs until Sunday night, so feel free to log in from home and continue the conversation.

Google Scout Link and you should find it really easily.

Thanks!  Kitty.